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Stop Aging & Start Living on The Elixxir Program!

”The only anti-aging guru who has actually stayed young” is going to accept new students for his unique Personal Coaching on The Elixxir Program.

Begin your Quest to stay young, stay healthy, stay alive — now.

Or if you’ve started already, make sure you’re doing it right.  Scientifically.

Based on the only anti-aging intervention known to 21st century science and medicine.  This is the foundation of The Elixxir Program.

With over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies proving that it works in every species in every experiment since the 1930s.

Elixxir’s contribution to this 100% scientific and repeatedly proven age-retarding and life-extending program is to turn it into la dolce vita (the sweet life)!

If you’re a woman (or man) who has everything, then you have everything to lose.

In this uncertain world, what could be more important than securing your most priceless asset?  Your Life.  Your Health.  Your Youthful Vigor.

Or if you’ve already started a while ago on this journey, why not take it to the next and higher stage?

And why not get enlightened in the process as to how fabulous, exciting, and fulfilling Life can be.

Joie de vivre will be more than just a French word.

The Elixxir Program Personal Coaching is as simple and elegant as can be.

As Woody Allen said, the key to success in life is showing up.  And so it is on The Elixxir Program.

The Secret is….

Being Here.  With Elixxir.

It’s all about being here with Elixxir.   Why?

Remember you learned your ingrained eating habits from your parents?  Many of which you are having difficulty changing.

Did your parents give you lectures?  Did you read books?  Did you attend classes?

No, you just ate whatever they fed you.  You ate what they ate.  You watched and mimicked how they ate.  How much they ate.  When they ate.  And why they ate.

Simply by being with them. By eating with them from the getgo.  You acquired all their eating habits and made them yours!

And this is the same reason why The Elixxir Program Personal Coaching is virtually Fail-Safe.

In-Residence with Elixxir & Associates means the use of the powerful Total Immersion technique.

As you know, Total Immersion is how doctors and lawyers and investment bankers are trained.

In fact, we are so confident The Elixxir Program will work for you that we make you an IRONCLAD GUARANTEE that no other anti-aging or weight-loss program dares to make.

If you do not meet your Goals in a measurable way, then we will allow you to retake your Elixxir Program Personal Coaching for free (i.e. your tuition will be 100% waived, you only need to pay for Lodging & Food).

Now try getting that from any other anti-aging guru.  Or even from your neighborhood gym!

Before we start your program, we will set mutually-agreed and achievable goals for you.

These goals may include your looking years younger in 48 hours (through a world-class makeover), significant sustainable weight-loss, blood-pressure, cholesterol, etc which will be readily measurable or noticeable.

It’s almost Fail-Safe.  Why?

Because it’s so simple!  All you need to do is eat what you are fed!

If you do that (and help us go to the produce market, prepare and cook delicious meals), you will learn The Elixxir Program, period.

And what’s more, it will become your Habit in approximately 8 weeks.

Your Second Nature.

Which means no more struggle.  No need for iron self-discipline.  It will become easy, almost effortless.

And the best part? You are having FUN while learning The Elixxir Program.

Elixxir will custom-tailor your time on The Elixxir Program to make some of your greatest fantasies come true.

You will be traveling to and playing in an international playground.  Or a couple of them if it’s the pleasure of both you and Elixxir.  After all, the world is your oyster.

And you will be surrounded by Beauty — both in the environment and in the people around you.   And this will transform and save and extend your life — which no extravagant vacation could possibly do.

When:  Now.  Rolling Admissions.  You can start anytime if accepted.

There are a few Seats Available Now.  So don’t wait.  They will not last.  Grab them now.

Where:  Europe. Or wherever Elixxir and you decide.  Scandinavia, Provence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, etc.  The world is our oyster.

Who can Apply:  If you think you are a serious candidate, send an e mail to  Tell Elixxir why in 500 words or less about yourself.  Your anti-aging quest and journey so far.  Your primary interests or goals (for example, looking younger, losing weight, lower blood pressure, cholesterol).  Your occupation or career.  When is a good time to call.  Please include your Full Name, Your Cell Phone,  Office Phone, Time to Call, Office & Home Addresses.  We guarantee that this info will be kept strictly confidential.  But as you understand, it is needed to weed out frivolous queries or spam.  And to determine your seriousness and qualification for Personal Coaching by Elixxir & Associates.  We will contact you if you fit our qualified profile.  Thank you for your understanding.  (After you send your e mail application to, please sign up on the Form to the right.  To make sure you do not miss out on important, exciting gratis information.)

Tuition & Lodging & Board:  Sliding Scale.  It depends.  Bill Gates, Warren Buffett & Steve Jobs etc billionaires will have to pay enough for them to feel it.  But a qualified student (18 years old at least) would of course not pay as much (so long as he or she is not the son or daughter of a billionaire.)  If someone is truly qualified and motivated and can benefit from the program, Elixxir will not turn that person away.  If there’s a will, there’s a way.  The biggest restriction on the number of students who can be coached comes not from finances as much as from the limited time Elixxir wishes to spend for this intensive in-residence total-immersion Personal Coaching which is a very big commitment on his part.  The higher tuition and fees paid by those who can afford them will make it possible for Elixxir to train people with more normal finances at a lower tuition and fees.

On her deathbed, Queen Victoria desperately offered “My kingdom for a moment of time!”

Picasso — in his seventies, world-famous and able to get a castle in exchange for a painting — confessed that he’d give up all his wealth — if he could only be forty again.

You are astute and prudent.  You will not wait till it’s too late.

Take the right action now.  Protect Your Most Priceless Asset.  Fend off Old Age, Disease and Death.

You are a decisive person.  And you understand that, with our unprecedented IRONCLAD GUARANTEE, you truly have nothing to lose!

Time waits for no one.  So apply now and grab a front seat for yourself on The Elixxir Program Personal Coaching.

You’ll be maximizing the odds that your own show will go on for a long, long time.  With youthful vigor and much bliss and enlightenment.

Stay Young & Prosper!

Stay Young & Save the World!

Reminder: If you think you are a serious candidate, send an e mail to  Tell Elixxir why you believe you are a good candidate in 500 words or less.  Tell him about your primary interests and goals (for example, looking younger, losing weight, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol).  Tell him about your occupation/career.  Please include your Full Name, Your Cell Phone,  Office Phone, Office & Home Addresses.  And time to call.   Your info will be kept strictly confidential.  After you send your e mail application to, please sign up on the Form to the right.  To make sure you do not miss out on important, exciting gratis information about The Elixxir Program Personal Coaching.)